Bugs on car

Nearly every car that is driven on the streets collect bugs.  They are common to see on the cars front bumper, hood, side mirrors, and any flat area against the wind.  Those pesky little bugs are a nightmare, especially a nightmare to get off your car.  Many times, one will let the bug remains sit on the cars paint for weeks, months, and even years!  As time passes, the bugs remains can eat into the clear coat, causing permanent damage.  The above photo shows an Acura TL, covered with bugs on the front bumper.  One of the tricks I have learned while car detailing, is that I have found an amazing bug remover that requires nearly no effort at all to effectively remove the bugs.

Best bug remover

The product that I use is Jax Wax Bugzapper.  Jax Wax is the manufacturer of the product and they do an amazing job.  Simply spray the product on the surface and let it soak for a minute or so.  The product removes the proteins from the bugs, causing them to literally melt away.  Very little effort is required to remove the bugs.

Bug Removal Tool

The photo above shows a bug sponge.  After spraying the product with Bugzapper, simply take the bug sponge and wipe the bugs away.  Hardly no pressure is required.  The sponge will not scratch or harm the paint in any way.  The product is so good, I very often use a microfiber towel to wipe the bugs away.  The entire process literally takes one minute.

White Acura TL Front Bumper

The last step is to wash the surface.  Simply use some soap and water with a microfiber towel.  After drying the surface, this is an example of a finished product.  I wish all parts of a car were this easy during a car detailing.  Keeping a good coat of wax, a sealant, or a coating on your car will also help remove the bugs in the future.  Remember, when one sees that there are bugs on their car, it’s very important to remove the bugs as soon as possible so the bugs acidic remains don’t eat into the clear coat.  After all, it only takes a minute…..

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