Dirty BFGoodrich Tire

Last week while detailing a 2011 Toyota Tacoma truck I couldn’t help but notice how dirty the whitewall lettering on the tires were.  This can be caused by improper washing methods at the car wash, “curbing” the tire, age, and just a lack of cleaning.  I don’t believe this particular set of tires had ever been cleaned, much less properly.  Having clean tires on a freshly detailed vehicle really makes it stand out from the rest.  Below, I will show and explain my method of preparing the tires for tire dressing.

Cleaning whitewall lettering on a tire

The photo above shows me spraying the tire with Meguiars All Purpose cleaner.  I did not dilute the product.  I like this particular cleaning product because it creates some foam, and I feel that lifts the dirt to the surface better than a product that does not foam.  Look at how the cleaner is pulling the old tire dressing and dirt away from the tire.

Cleaning a dirty tire

As you can see, using a scrub brush with the non diluted cleaner works very well in lifting the dirt to the surface.  The Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner is very strong, and lifts the oils, dirt, and grime to the surface somewhat easily.

Cleaning Whitewall Tires

One of the best ways to rinse a tire from soap is to use the handy dandy pressure washer.  Rather than using a garden hose, the pressure washer helps blasts away the dirt, grime, and excess soap.

BFGoodrich Whitewall Tire

Above is the finished product of a freshly cleaned tire.  Notice how bright and clean the whitewall lettering is.  There is no dressing on the tire.  This is its natural look.  Combining Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner with a scrub brush and a good rinse makes wonders in the general appearance of your vehicles tires.

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