Car Paint Peeling AwayThis weekend I had a customer call and he said “….there are a couple areas where the paint on my car is dull and in some other areas it is coming off the car.  Can you bring it back to life?”  I said, “I would really like to take a look first and see exactly whet you mean.  He then brought the car to my shop location and I was able to take a look.

Upon arrival I immediately thought what I could do to help, for a nanosecond.  Absolutely nothing.  The customer was nice but I couldn’t help but not to laugh.  I am not in the position to turn away business but this time I couldn’t help it.  Even he laughed once we started to talk!  I felt bad for him, but in this case there was nothing I could do to make the hood look good.  It definitely needed repainted!  There was probably fifty percent of the clear coat missing, and another fifty percent of the paint.  The customer said the car had never been “waxed.”  I didn’t disagree with him.

There are a lot of reasons as to why car’s paint peels off.  A lot of times if the car has been repainted, the painter will not prep and primer the car properly, causing the paint to feel at a later date.  There could have been a powerful and harmful solvent spilled on the hood.  The sun and harmful UV rays also cause a serious problem.  Applying a good coat of wax or better yet, a polymer paint sealer such as Blackfire Wet Diamond All Purpose Paint Protection every six months will definitely help the situation as well.  The photo above shows an extreme condition of paint peeling away.  I feel that this was cause mostly by neglect, the harmful UV rays from the sun, or possibly a bad job of repainting.

The best I advice I have with this blog, is to keep wax or a paint sealant on your car at all times!  It’ll give me something a little easier to work with than the car shown in the photo!

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