Dirty Leather Seat

There are many ways to clean leather.  One method is to use Leatherique cleaner and conditioner.  Another method besides Leatherique, is using steam.  This is an excellent method for those very dirty seats with extra grime.  A “trashed” seat could be the better word in this case.  The photo above shows a 2009 Chevrolet truck that the owner uses as his “work truck.”  I believe its safe to say the seats have never been cleaned.  Using steam has its advantages and disadvantages.  One must be careful not to go overboard and use too much pressure and heat.  Common sense is a must.  Also, a very good leather conditioner needs to be applied after the cleaning process is completed.  The Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil is definitely the best.

Cleaning dirty leather seat

One thing I always do first is air purge the seats in between the folds, all the cracks, and all of the seams where there is stitching.  Then, I use a very light concentration of Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner.  Simply spray the cleaner on the seat and let it sit for a few minutes.  Even though the cleaner is about 90 percent water, it’s still very powerful and strong.  Be careful not to make the dilution ratio too strong.

Clean a leathers eat with steam

Auto Detail Doctor uses a VX5000 vapor steamer and one of the attachments is a triangular brush.  The bottom of the brush has about 50 pores and each omit steam.  Being careful not to be too aggressive, use a microfiber towel between the leather seat and the brush bristles.  The bristles will push the microfiber towel into the leather surface enough to use a scrubbing effect, while the steam will do 90 percent of the cleaning work.  This process doesn’t take very long, about 15 seconds.  Remember, the goal is to clean and lift the dirt off the seat, not get crazy and damage the seat.  Once the cleaning process is complete, the seat will need wiped off with a clean microfiber towel.

Leather Truck Seat

Above is the finished product.  The seat doesn’t have any leather conditioner applied.  It still needs a good application.  This is just a description of the cleaning powers of the Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner and the vapor steamer.  The before and after affects are amazing.  Using steam is great for the heaviest of jobs, but a lot of times is not necessary.  Leatherique is the preferred method of cleaning, but today I wanted to show you another way using the vapor steamer.

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-Clint Allerton

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