Headligh Rrestoration Columbus Ohio 

Before                                 After

Single Headlight $49.00
Both Headlights $79.00
Stand Alone Service (without a detailing package) $99.00

Do your headlights seem dim while driving at night?  Do they look foggy, hazy, and yellowed?

Not only do unrestored headlights take away from the look of the vehicle, they also reduce the efficiency of the headlight itself.

Headlight restoration is the process of removing oxidation and re-applying a protective UV coating.

Every car today is manufactured with plastic headlight lenses.  Replacing headlights will cost HUNDREDS of dollars, even thousands depending on the make of the vehicle.

Headlight lenses are deteriorated over time by the suns harmful UV rays. This causes headlights to appear cloudy, dull, hazy, yellow, discolored, and foggy. In addition to decreased visual appeal this also diminishes night driving visibility, which is a safety concern not only for you, but the other drivers as well.It has been well documented by safety industries that dim headlights have played a serious role in major car accidents.

Many consumers are not aware that their cloudy foggy headlights can even be repaired. A huge misconception is the majority believe that the faded yellowish appearance of their headlights is because there is damage to the inside of the lens. That is not true.  By removing oxidation and re-applying a protective UV coating, we can make your headlights look like new again.

Headlight Restoration is a GREAT way to increase your vehicles appearance, safety, and value. This is a very popular service for owners attempting to sell their vehicles as well.


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