There is no reason to wait to wax your new car.  Vehicle paint is fully cured when it leaves the factory.  It is baked on inside the paint booths at the auto makers factory, so it’s ready to go as soon as it hits the dealership lot.  Clear coat is paint, and paint needs protected.  Always apply some sort of protection to your paint surface.  Some local body shops, do not have paint booths that bake the paint once it’s applied, and some do have a “baker” but they do not all use the same process that the factories do.  If you have a new car, it is safe to apply some protection immediately, and it’s highly recommended.  From a body shop, it’s hard to say.  Another great thing to do is to “clay” the vehicle before protection is applied.  Claying removes contaminants in the paint, and this is highly recommended during every detail service.