ford mustang rear spoilerWe came upon this black Ford Mustang and noticed on the rear spoiler it had a very nasty looking scratch.  Not being sure how it got there, we knew we could help remove it.  The photo above shows how bad it looked, nearly down to the black paint and almost completely through the clear coat.  The rest of the car looked pretty good, but the rear spoiler ruined the car so this was a situation that we had to fix.  The above surface has been washed with Optimum No Rinse and clay barred as well to properly prepare it for polishing.

paint scratch in black paintNot only did the rear wing have the deep scratches, but it also had lots of micro scratches as well, which are visible in the photo above.  Look at the florescent light, and one can see the micro scratches.  This rear spoiler definitely needed some polishing and buffing to help with the paint scratch removal.


meguiars microfiber cutting padMeguiars came up with a great new addition to its buffing arsenal.  The pad shown above is their new microfiber cutting disc.  The polish that compliments the disc is Meguiars D300.   Not only does the polish cut amazingly well and leaves a great finish, but it also has a cinnamon scent as well.  This new pad and polish has been a game changer in the detailing industry.  The microfiber cutting pad has been our go to pad for the last couple of years.

Rupes Bigfoot 21 with Meguiars Cutting DiscOur Rupes Bigfoot 21 polisher is equipped with a 5 inch backing plate.  The Bigfoot 21 comes standard with a 6 inch backing plate, but we feel we get better control in tighter spaces with the 5 inch plate.  Using the speed setting at about 5, we began to polish the affected areas.  Just a couple minutes of polishing with back and fort and side to side motions really did some magic.  Not much pressure is needed, we usually use medium pressure to achieve great results.

polished black paintOnce we finished polishing we used a clean microfiber towel to remove any excess polish.  As you can see from the photo above, the large scratches are about 90 percent gone.  Sometimes scratches are unable to be removed.  Without taking a chance of removing the clear coat, we decided to stop at this point.  While it’s not perfect, it’s certainly, A LOT, better.  Also notice that the micro scratches around the larger scratches are now gone as well.  The Rupes Bigfoot 21 polisher combined with the Meguiars Microfiber Cutting pads and D300 polish make a great pair to produce incredible results.  Thanks for reading!