Today we had a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee come in for an interior steam clean detail, as well as the exterior and engine.  The customer is selling the Jeep and she wants it cleaned up to help increase its value and hep the sale go quicker and more efficient.  The Jeep wasn’t in terrible condition, but the seats needed some extra attention.  The customer had some, we believe, coffee and other spills in her cup holders, so we were to assume that the seats also had the same stuff spilled on them over time, too.  When I first saw the seats, I knew that they would make for a great before and after video.  Steam cleaning upholstery seats and using heat extraction is one of the most effective ways to clean a vehicle.  This video is a good one because not only does it show the before and after results, but it also shows the dirt and grime that was pulled out of the front passenger seat.  In the customers defense, the Jeep Cherokee seats are very porous which allows the upholstery seats to collect a lot of dirt and grime much easier than tightly woven upholstery seats.  The seats are so porous, that even a small spill of water can potentially cause a stain.  Check out the video below and you’ll see our process of cleaning upholstery seats.  Thank you for watching!

Stained upholstery seat


2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee seat