We get asked every day how we go about cleaning upholstery seats in a vehicle.  Today, we are going to show you with the video below.  The video just shows the process we take.  The video doesn’t give a great “After” view, but it sure looked way better once I was finished.  The method we use for steam cleaning car upholstery seats has proven thousands of times that it’s the most effective way to properly help make the interiors of vehicles sparkling clean.

The first step is to pre treat the area with our carpet and upholstery shampoo.  Not much shampoo is necessary, as the steam cleaner does most of the work.  Our automotive interior shampoo is one of our best car interior cleaning products, it is a low foaming, high pH, Super Concentrated fabric seating surface and carpet cleaning solution.   This product will NOT leave carpet and upholstery fibers stiff like some products do.  It has been formulated just for automotive interiors and actually has optical brighteners that will brighten up carpets and velour upholstery.

Our VX5000 vapor steamer makes dirty and filthy messes disappear with ease.  Steam reaches temperatures of 310 degrees, literally melting away dirt and grime.  We use a triangular brush with steam coming from the head to agitate the surface, causing the dirt and grime to be lifted to the top of the surface.  This makes it much easier for the extractor to clean.

Combining steam and our heated carpet and upholstery extractor makes the seats look ten times better.   Our Mytee HP60 Extractor, with a three stage vacuum motor, a 120 psi water pump, and a 1,200 watt in line heating system capable of heating the water to 210 degrees, makes this machine a true workhorse and a MUST HAVE for a professional detailer.

Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean!