Dirty Car Carpet

A customer from Columbus Ohio called for an interior detail of their 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan.  The exterior was in pretty good shape but the inside, not so much.  The carpets, which are (were) a light gray color,  had years of dirt and grime mashed into the carpeting.  It was time to pull out the handy dandy vapor steamer.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

The vapor steamer I use, the VX5000, is an amazing tool.  It heats water until it turns to vapor at 320 degrees.  If the carpets won’t come clean with the use of this machine, they won’t come clean.  The object is to break down the dirt and bring it to the surface.  After spraying a light mist of carpet shampoo, the vapor steamer will effectively break down the dirt and grime.

Steam Cleaning

As you can see, the amount of steam that is created is overwhelming at times, but this step is key.  The brush on the end of the hand tool, along with the vapor steam, breaks down the dirt and lifts it to the surface.

Carpet Extractor Upholstery Tool

This is the upholstery tool that I use with my heated carpet extractor.  It sprays water and a cleaning solution into the carpets at 210 degrees, and the vacuum sucks the dirt and grime away.

Extracting Carpet

Here is another view of the heated carpet extractor upholstery tool.  Simply squeeze the trigger so the jet sprays the cleaning solution.  Go back and fort a couple of times, and the carpets will look amazing, or, at least a lot better!  Obviously, some carpets turn out better than others.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Here is the finished product.  The carpet is not perfect, but for a 2005, it’s a lot better!  Using the vapor steamer and the heated carpet extractor are two MUST HAVE’S for professional auto detailing.  Look below at the photo to see why!

Dirty Carpet

This is some of the dirt and grime that came from the carpet and fabric seats of the minivan.  I always show this to my customers.  It’s amazing how dirty the inside of a car can get.  Fortunately tools and equipment are made that make the solution a lot quicker and better.

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