Work Completed Date:    June 26, 2013

Description Of Work:

 Clint performed a full exterior detailing of my vehicle, including the Blackfire Wet Diamond paint sealant.

 Member Comments:

Clint was very responsive and professional from my first phone call through the completion of the work.  I called him in the evening and left a message about the detailing work I was seeking for my 2013 Dodge Charger.  He returned my call early the next day and offered to respond to my location to compete the work right then if I was available.  Unfortunately I was not able to make that work, so we scheduled the date for the detailing work.  He also gave me a price quote at this time, which ended up being just a little more than what I was eventually charged.  It’s always nice when you pay less than expected!  He told me that he would call me the day before to verify the appointment, and to firm up the time.  He called the day before like he said he would, and told me that he would then call me the next day to update me.  The following day, which was the day of the service call, he called at the time he said he would and told me the time he planned on arriving, so that I could schedule my day without having to wonder when he would arrive.  He then called when he was approximately 30 minutes away.

When he arrived at my home, he was very cordial and professional.  Due to the afternoon summer heat, he set up a small tent over my vehicle to help cut the heat and direct sunlight.  He completed the work within the amount of time that he had estimated, and I was very happy with the quality of the work.  The car had a mirror-like shine to it when he was done.  I had inquired about an interior detailing as well, despite it being a new vehicle.  While Clint stated that he would complete any work that I requested, he advised me that he would wait to have that work completed the next time I had the exterior done (prior to the winter).  I was pleased with the fact that he did not just take money for competing work that did not need to be done!  I was very happy with Clint’s responsiveness, professionalism, and quality of work.  I will be using Auto Detail Doctor again in the future with this vehicle and others.