Work Completed Date:   June 25, 2013

Description Of Work:

Full Auto Detail ….. with details below

Member Comments:

We took our brand new 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee to an off road event in Michigan. We came back caked in mud, dirt, sand, you name it.  After a long time spraying off the Jeep with our garden hose, we knew it would take a professional to get it back to that showroom shine.  I called Clint and he was immediately accommodating.  He was at my house in less than 5 hours, had the Jeep shining and spotless in no time flat !!  The inside was so clean, probably cleaner than we got it from the dealership.  The outside shines and he even took the time to buff out a minor scratch that ran from the hood to the tailgate.  All work was done in a very professional manner, with attention to detail like no other.

My husband came home and we immediately booked a full detail for his Subaru. We are now going to be a clean car happy family thanks to Clint !!! Would not hesitate to recommend the Auto Detail Doctor to anyone who needs help with that task we all dread, cleaning up the car!