Work Completed Date:   May 07, 2013

Description Of Work:

Clint came out and did a full interior/exterior detail on my car.

Member Comments:

If you need your car detailed, do yourself a favor and call him. I sent him a message via his website on Sunday night. He got back to me early Monday morning with some options on when I could have my car detailed. Clint was booked solid, but because I was going out of town Friday, he said he could squeeze me in then. Today, he happened to have gotten done early, and asked if I was available to have the car done. Fortunately, I was, and after he was done, my car looked spectacular. Clint is a true professional, passionate about his craft, and is very friendly. He welcomes questions about the processes and products he uses, and is great at making you feel that your car is in capable hands. I will definitely be calling him again in 6 months. For everything included in his detail packages, and the quality of work, the price can’t be beat.