“Why should I wax my car?  It has clear coat on it.  There’s no need.”

Unfortunately, there are many people out there that spread negative, and uneducated, energy.  When people refer to that statement, they are referring to the clear coat that is applied from the factory being a “good enough” shield of protection to the color of the car, which in their eyes, is the paint under the clear coat.  Clear coat is paint!  It’s paint, that is clear!  The clear coat on your vehicle requires the same amount of care as the paint under the clear coat.  The reasons to wax your vehicle is for added protection and  increased gloss.  We all love that shine!

Paint surfaces, over time, acquire small holes, or, pits in the paint.  It’s just like the local road you drive your car on every day.  If there are pot holes in the road and they are never filled, then they will get worse and worse over time.  Waxing your paint is the same thing.  Protection is the key element here.  Protection and shine, and waxing can do both.  Waxing, or any type of sealer acts as a leveling surface that hardens to form a layer of protection against the elements.  Your vehicle is an investment.  When you try to sell the car, will it bring the same amount of money as it would if the clear coat was faded and dull?  My guess is No.  So why not wax the car?  It doesn’t take THAT long, and actually, once finished, there’s nothing better than standing back a few feet and checking out that “new” car!  Better yet, how about if you get the car all shined up, then you go pick up your date for the evening!

Thanks for reading!

-Clint Allerton

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